The first exhibition in modern Greece of recreated Ancient Greek armor just opened at the Kostas Kotsanas Museum of Ancient Greek Technology, located at Pindarou 6 & Academias St. in Athens.

The distinguished  bronzesmith and armorer Dimitrios Katsikis (a.k.a. the “Modern Hephaestos”) presents a fascinating journey into Greek history and art through his 43 superbly crafted and well-researched reconstructions of Greek armor spanning the period from the Bronze Age (15th century BC) until the late Byzantine era (15th century AD). First time ever, carefully recreated pieces of the famous bronze armor of the Homeric Heroes from the Iliad, such as Achilles and Agamemnon, the armor of Ancient Spartans and Athenians, the muscle cuirasses from “Magna Graecia” (South Italy), as well as the “Cataphract’s” armor are being displayed all together. 

The reconstructions were based on genuine archaeological findings as well as literary and iconographic primary sources (vase painting, murals, reliefs, etc.).

The visitors will have a unique opportunity to view and explore full-scale and functional Mycenaean armor (recorded in the Linear B script of Mycenaean Greek as “to-ra-ke”), linothorax cuirasses, as well as bell-shaped and muscular bronze torsos of Hoplite warriors of the Archaic, Classical, and Hellenistic periods.

Attempting to achieve the utmost levels of accuracy and authenticity, all the recreations have been made by Dimitrios Katsikis utilizing only traditional techniques such as forging, hot rolling, and raising. It should be addressed that Dimitrios is the first person in modern Greece, who managed to revived the ancient techniques of armor making without the usage of modern  industrial  means.


This extraordinary exhibition blends Ancient Greek art and technology,  revives the forgotten art of Greek bronzesmithing, and brings the audience up close to the awe-inspiring glory and splendor of legendary ancient Greek warriors. 


Trained guides of the Museum are available to guide the visitor by answering in-depth questions & queries. The exhibition is addressed to art lovers, schools, storytellers, students, history trackers, artists, tourists etc.


.Exhibition period: April 2022 – April 2023
Museum of Ancient Greek Technology, K, KOSTANAS 
Pindarou 6 & Academias st, Athens


Museum Hours: 9am – 5pm
Weekdays and weekends.

Ticket price: 5 euros

For more information & reservations: 
Museum phone: 211 4110044,
Mobile: 6907292002.
web site :